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HIATUS: We will be on indeterminate hiatus for the forseeable future and will not be producing any product or answering emails and phone calls. Due to personal reasons we must suspend operations and we apologize for any inconvenience. You are welcome to read and enjoy the many articles on this site. There is an abundance of solid scientific information at your disposal. We do hope to return and resume our regular business at some future time God willing. Thank you for your patronage and understanding.

Warning! Don’t be fooled by imitations. There are counterfeit RifeTechs in circulation and we do not know if they work or not—IMPORTANT NOTICE. If you have not dealt directly with Gary Wade regarding the building of your machine, there is no guarantee it is genuine, i.e., Gary builds all the official machines himself! The only way to be sure is to deal with Gary personally. If you are buying a used machine check with us to make sure of it’s pedigree. The Internet is still a wild and wooly place, and like the old West, you have be careful.

The RifeTech 10A Rife machine: Gary Wade, Physicist, Inventor, and Research Director of the American Institute of Rehabilitation, has constructed many custom-built Rife-based machines on special order. As a careful reading of his papers will show, he is one of the few people in the field who is really capable of understanding the actual scientific basis of Dr. Royal Rife’s work and its application with today’s improved technology. These devices are crafted with love, with the patient in mind. They are constructed on a limited basis for those people Gary believes can really be helped in their illness, whatever it may be, and at a cost that is as close to wholesale as possible. Gary is still finding new ways to improve the effectiveness of his Rife-type devices while trying to keep the cost affordable to the average person. With new diseases like Morgellons, CRE, Ebola, Covid, stealth viruses and antibiotic resistant staff like MRSA and CRE turning up all the time, Gary is making a special effort to adapt and evolve, and improve the range and effectiveness of his unique scanning device.

You must first request a “COMMISSIONING AGREEMENT”, (this must be sent by snail mail so please provide your address) before we can build your device. We will then build you this device for “experimental purposes” only and it is understood we make no medical claims either stated or implied, (please see Disclaimer). If your voltage and cycles are different as in the UK, Europe, Australia etc., then there is usually a conversion charge of about $50.00 USD. The shipping will probably be about $150 to $250 USD. The Pro Ultra 10B is only available to Professional Health Care Workers (both units do the same scanning but the Pro model is designed for a therapist’s unique needs. Important: See Below). The cost (as of 3/2021) for the 10B is $2,670.00 USD including shipping and handling in the USA. The same conversion and shipping charges apply on locations outside the USA that require different voltage, etc. We can accept checks, money orders and ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS. There is a 90 Day warranty on parts and labor, (you pay shipping costs both ways). Of course, these machines don’t wear out for a long time. As long as you don’t damage them by dropping them or leaving them outside, etc. they should last as long as you need. Gary will always fix something if it goes wrong by no one’s fault.

From the time we get your payment, it will be 10-25 days to construct your particular unit and whatever time it takes for the shipping to reach you in your part of the world using FEDEX (or regular mail if you choose).

I have seen Gary turn people toward other therapies when he thinks it would be best for them. Rife is a very powerful tool, but it does have some limits, although the new model is coming close to being universal. To have a scanning device that covers everything would be too exorbitant for most people to afford. Gary wants this Rife device to be attainable by ordinary people. He is available for consultation if you have questions, etc. If you are a professional healthcare practitioner, the Pro Ultra 10B is geared for automatic scanning and/or targeting frequency. NOTE: The Pro Ultra 10B requires the separate purchase of a signal function generator which can be bought from any electronics store. We do not sell the signal function generator at this time but it is easily available and inexpensive. The 10B unit will not be sold to other than Professionals (unless with a written recommendation or prescription), because it requires a tremendous amount of responsibility to use, i.e. the Herxheimer Reaction and other secondary and tertiary phenomena that accompany the kill-off of pathogens in vivo.

We hope we have answered your important questions. If not, please don’t hesitate to e-mail us and we will do our best to help. Please read the articles on the Articlesand Services Pages. This will give you an excellent concept of exactly what we at RifeTech are about and how our technology might be the solution to your so-called “incurable” health problem. Especially see What Makes This Rife Machine Different? Live Long and Prosper. (Notes and Explanation of Ultra 10A and 10B)

If you are interested in a Rifetech, custom-built device, we will send you a “commissioning agreement” This is mandatory until Congress finally passes a bill that allows doctors and individuals to use alternative medical devices.

PHONE: 818-754-4774

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